Call for Presentations

We would like to invite the Clojure and ClojureScript community to submit talks for the upcoming Clojure/west conference in Seattle, Washington!

Important Dates

  • Jan 4 - Call for Presentations Opens
  • Jan 29 - Call for Presentations Closes
  • Feb 15 - Speakers Notified
  • Apr 15-16 - Conference


Talks are 40 minutes, including questions and answers. Clojure/west will have two session rooms featuring talks in the following categories:

  • Language - features of Clojure or ClojureScript, how they are implemented, or how to use them effectively
  • Experience Report - how your project or organization is succeeding with Clojure or ClojureScript
  • Library - how to use a particular library
  • Tools - how to use a particular tool
  • Ideas - design, architecture, or other ideas about programming with Clojure
  • Fun - art, games, or other less serious uses

Attendees can also submit topic ideas that others might be able to speak about. Speakers should feel free to draw from this list of ideas while writing their submissions.

How We Can Help

Everyone who is interested in submitting a talk proposal to Clojure/west is encouraged to do so, regardless of experience level. We welcome proposals from less experienced speakers and will work with you to help you prepare. We would also like to actively encourage submissions from individuals who consider themselves underrepresented on stage at technical conferences. If you are considering a talk, here’s how we can help:

  • Provide feedback and prioritization of potential ideas
  • Connect you with an experienced mentor for your submission or talk
  • Review your slides or content and provide advice
  • Find opportunities to practice your talk

We’re here to help. Email us at

Speaker Perks

Speakers receive:

  • Ticket to Clojure/west 2016 (reimbursed if purchased before speakers announced)
  • Up to 3 nights stay at the conference hotel
  • U.S. airfare or up to $550 international
  • In some circumstances we can also provide additional support

All talks are recorded and published online at ClojureTV.